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Make new friends and play cool mini- games with them.

Share your favourite YouTube video on screen for everyone to see!

Creatively decorate and design your room in Gleamville today!
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Make new friends and play cool mini- games with them.

Share your favourite YouTube video on screen for everyone to see!

Creatively decorate and design your room in Gleamville today!

Welcome to Gleamville! After signing up, you will be guided through the very simple controls for your character.

In Gleamville, there are many places for you to visit! There are camping grounds, the beach, on the luxury yacht, the cinema and the pub, just to name a few. However, starting from level one, you would not have much choice to do anything else, but to visit some of the rooms to chat and make new friends or to visit other people’s private homes to get home decorating ideas for the entire duration you need to hit level 2. After 30 minutes, you will be levelled up to level 2 and then the fun really starts!

Once you reached level 2, you will be given access to your first home as well as the power to purchase the most basic items from the shopping mall. Check out the stores for more fashionable clothes and accessories for your avatar, and furniture and decorations for your new home. However, before you start exercising your purchasing power, do note that there are 2 types of currencies in Gleamville – Points and Cash. Points are the in-game currency while Cash will require you to spend real money. A major downside to shopping is that most of the items, perhaps more than 95%, will require real money to purchase. Luckily, you are given a sizable amount of Cash to start off with!

Nonetheless, sooner or later, you will need to start earning Points in order to buy any more items. Points can be earned if you win at any of the mini-games offered in Gleamville, such as Poker Texas Hold’em, Battleships, Marco Polo, MiniPongs, Bowling and MiniSoccer. These games are all games that require two players or more to play, so you will need to create a game yourself and wait for an opponent to join your game or you can join someone else’s game. You can even challenge players to play these mini-games with you. However, in this case, if you lose, you will lose experience points as well as your Points.

Next, you may want to start decorating your new home with all those shiny furniture that you’ve bought from the shopping mall. Just click on the ‘Home Editor’ button on the bottom of your screen and you’re ready to go! The items that you’ve bought from the store can be duplicated and placed multiple times. So, you just need to buy an item and you can pave the walls or floors of your home with that stuff if you want to. Since the items are very strictly grouped, it may be a bit complicated to figure out whether an item falls under which category when you want to move or rotate the item.

Furthermore, levelling in Gleamville involves logging into the game for extended periods of time. In fact, once you’ve reached level 2, level 3 is practically 5 hours away. Even after some shopping, home decorating and mini-games, there will still be hours left on the clock to the new level. There may also be a slight language barrier as the game is developed in Poland, some of the text remains in Polish.

In short, Gleamville is a nifty virtual world game that you should definitely try. Despite its rather low player population, it offers some pretty cool games and its home editor is practically flawless albeit a bit complex to pick up. However, unless Gleamville provides more items for people to spend their Points in and reduce the amount of Cash-only items, this game will only be attractive to people who are willing to spend some real money.

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