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Collect different kinds of pets

Wash them feed them and play with them

Build houses and play areas to entertain more pets
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Collect different kinds of pets

Wash them feed them and play with them

Build houses and play areas to entertain more pets

Hasbro started the Littlest Pet Shop franchise in the early 90’s and has since then lived on and remains popular with children to this day. Now they have launched a digital animal care title of the same name which can be categorized in the city-building department. This immersive game lets children have their own pets without the costs of having one in real life and lets them build the petopia of their dreams. Modeled after the popular cartoon series that is currently on air, the game is inhabited by familiar characters such as Zoe the dog, Vinnie the gecko and Russell the hedgehog. So don’t delay, own your first pet with Littlest Pet Shop today!

These colorful characters guide you through the game as you start to build your new animal homes along the stretch of a beautiful sandy beach. It is your job to invite new pets to settle in and play with each other. The homes you build even resemble the Littlest Pet Shop playsets which are cute and tiny. There is a huge assortment of pets which are available for adoption including many breeds of cats and dogs, monkeys, zebras, pandas, bears and other animals that carry rabies or parasites in the real world. Once your new pets have settled into your home, you can buy rooftop accessories that they play with and use for exercise, such as see-saws and pools. Players can also interact with their pets personally by grooming, feeding and playing games with them.

Accessories are bought with in-game money referred to as “Kibble” and is quite plentiful, they can be gathered by encouraging and teaching animals to play together. Then there’s “Bling” which is another form of in-game currency which is used to acquire cooler and more exotic things, but this is purchased in bulk by using real money. Alternatively, you can earn small amounts of Bling when you level up or accomplish a task. Pets level up as you play with them, gradually unlocking new color variations. The only down side is that in any given city, only one animal color can exist at a time so if you want to keep a particular animal of a particular color, make sure to keep others of the same color hidden away.

The graphics used in Littlest Pet Shop can be summarized in one word: cute. With tons of candy colors, hearts and googly eyes, it is easily the cutest game in its department. With the animals rendered in tiny bodies and huge heads, you’re think you were watching a whole bunch of baby animals that never got to grow up. The voice acting is also fairly decent and have all been done by the original cast of the TV series.

To wrap up, Littlest Pet Shop is a great pet simulation and city-building game rolled into one tiny fur ball, full of cute and cuddly animals. With plenty of animals to collect and homes to make for them, this definitely makes the dream of owning a pet come true, even if only on a device. With the original cast of the popular TV series back for more adorable fun times, kids will be thrilled to have an adventure with their favorite pets. So build the pet city of your dreams and gather as many pet friends as you can in this fun and exciting pet simulation game. Enjoy as you wash your dogs, feed your cats and play great mini-games with your very own panda, here at Littlest Pet Shop!

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