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Develop a huge, bustling city from a small patch of land.

Build power plants, farms, diners and many other buildings to meet your residents’ needs.

Collect generous rewards for completing quests and achievements.
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Rising Cities is a great builder game that combines farming and city building in one interesting package. Although the focus is to establish a city, resources needed include food from farms and lumber from sawmills, integrating farm life into the humble beginning of a thriving megapolis.

As the game starts, you will be welcomed as the Mayor of the city, and your first task is to build your first residential houses around a city hall. You will have enough lumber and coins to establish several houses. Houses are built by going to the Design Depot. There is only one kind of house available to you when you start, but more houses are unlocked as you level up. Once you have enough residents, you can start reconstructing City Hall, which will take a while. You can speed things up by using Metro Money, which you will have in a decent amount when you start the game.

Each house you build will generate City Credits, which is the currency of the game. You can use City Credits for buying buildings, decorations and anything else in the Designer Depot. You can earn City Credits from completing quests or selling your goods in the Marketplace. For each house to generate bigger revenue, you can upgrade it or add Improvement items which you can buy at the Designer Depot. Improvement items can vary, but they give higher revenue once placed inside a house.
Every time you place a building, you spend Production Points, and these are generated by Manufacturing Buildings like farms and lumber mills. Some buildings need several stages for construction, and each stage will require different resources. If you’re short on some resources, you can always use MetroMoney to complete the construction.

There will be several quests that pops up in different icons on the left side of the screen. Follow and complete these to ensure you’re building your city the right way. Quests also help you collect XP points, City Credits and Production Points. When you have earned enough City Credits, you can continue to add more buildings like the Cinema, Power Plant and Vegetable Stand. Each non-residential building that is added on to your city has an impact to the residents.

Manufacturing buildings have a negative effect on the residents’ mood (which is indicated by the green smiley meter on the upper right corner of the screen). Commercial buildings like diners and vegetable stands have a positive effect on the residents’ mood. Be sure to have a balanced amount of these two building types to ensure a happy community.

Some commercial buildings like the Vegetable Stand and Hollywood Diner will require vegetables delivered from the Farm. You need to produce tomatoes and potatoes from the Farm and click on the Vegetable Stand to deliver tomatoes and click on Hollywood Diner to deliver the potatoes. Other buildings that sell products to the residents will require delivery from any of the Manufacturing buildings.

Your workers and the entire city rely on Energy to keep the work going, so you need to build Power Plants in several areas as your city grows. Power Plants provide added Energy and keeps the Energy meter as full as possible. You also need Energy for constructing new buildings and generating resources like lumber and farm products.

As your city becomes fuller, you can begin expanding to have more space. You can select from any adjacent lots to expand. Expansions are bought using City Credits or MetroMoney. Some lots will have an existing building already on it, and you can either reconstruct or demolish it depending on its use.

Rising Cities is a fairly new game, with a few of its features still unavailable and indicated with a “Coming Soon” sign. Nevertheless, it shows lots of promise and can be a solid city builder just like the many games that came before it. What makes it unique is the way it allots resources for each task, and the many surprising details behind each task. You’re sure to have an interesting building session with this game!

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Build power plants, farms, diners and many other buildings to meet your residents’ needs.

Collect generous rewards for completing quests and achievements.
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