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Farm all sorts of fresh produce

Build back your empire

Be the rightful heir to your kingdom
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Farm all sorts of fresh produce

Build back your empire

Be the rightful heir to your kingdom

If you like to grow and harvest fruits and vegetables then Royal Story is a game worth trying out today. In this farming adventure you start off as either a prince or a princess, heir to a kingdom that’s under a curse. It is your mission to restore your kingdom to its former glory as you manage the land that has been left behind. You must plant crops, tend to animals and harvest your produce in order to build up your empire. But it takes more than that to ensure your kingdom flourishes, with the money you earn from your produce you can then buy more land to ensure the establishment of your fine kingdom.

To start working on your kingdom, you must first choose your character which will either be a prince or a princess. The gameplay is quite straight forward and before you know it, you will be planting your first crop. The game already has quests for the player to complete which will contribute to the game’s progress. Everything that you cultivate from vegetables, animal products and your coffee can be sold for coins to make a living. However, it does take some time to grow your land so try to plant as many crops as you can to prepare for the expansion of your kingdom. Manufacturing, growing and collecting food items will surely help with that.

The game offers a smooth and seamless economy system which further enhances the game and helps to make a more enjoyable gaming experience. However, players will be stuck in on a portion of the land until all quests are completed. Everything is good and well though, as you will be able to complete tasks quicker once you earn enough money in the form of rubies. But rubies can be hard to come by so luckily there are purchasing options in-game for you to stock up and if you need more rubies in a flash. Rubies are also used to refill the energy level of the player since each action in the game takes an amount of energy to perform. If you’re short on rubies, you can always just wait for it to replenish. Or if you’re impatient but have a lot of friends, just ask them for energy and gifts too.

The bright and colorful graphics used in Royal Story are some of the most fun and quirky seen in online games. Characters and animals are presented in a very cute design and incorporate a variety of vegetables and fresh produce for people to look at. The graphics are a real eye candy and are pleasant to look at. The music too are quite nice, makes you feel quite relaxed to the authentic sounds of birds and the sound of fresh water in the rivers.

To conclude, Royal Story is a great farm simulation game that brings a twist by letting players build an empire around all their farming and hard labor work. If you really like the process of planting, harvesting and taking care of animals as much as you do building your own empire then Royal Story is definitely the game you’ve been looking for. So don’t waste another second and build your kingdom with Royal Story!

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