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Adopt your very own pet and give him a home.

Buy toys, clothes, food and more fun stuff from the W-Shop.

Play games, visit parks and go on many adventures with your pet.
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Webkinz is a fun and exciting world where children can take care of their own pet while exploring different activities. You can sign up for a free account to play. You’ll be welcomed by Ms. Birdy, who will help you choose your pet. You’ll be able to give your pet a name and choose whether it’s going to be a boy or girl. Once you’re done, Ms. Birdy will give you a Certificate of Adoption with your pet’s name on it! You can even click on the Print button to have a printed copy.

Your pet will now be placed in his room and as a welcome gift, he gets free goodies like clothes, food and room decorations. Also, you’ll have ₩ 2000 (KinzCash) and 2000 eStore Points. You can use both kinds of currency to buy food, clothes, furniture and toys from the W-Shop. To earn more KinzCash, you can play games at the Arcade or take on jobs from the Employment Center.

Be sure to check what your pet needs from the three health meters on the lower left corner. The green smiley face meter measures your pet’s happiness; the spoon and fork meter measures hunger and the half-moon meter tells you when your pet needs to sleep. When the smiley face meter is low, give your pet a toy to play with or take him to the Arcade to play games. If he’s hungry, drag food from your Dock and give it to your pet. If your pet is low on energy, drag him to his bed so he can sleep.

To buy items for your pet, click on the green ₩ sign on the lower right corner. This takes you to the W-Shop. Select a category you want to shop for on the left side and view the items to the right. Click on an item to view its price and description. Click on Buy if you’re ready to buy the item. All items bought from the W-Shop will be store on your Dock, which is found on the bottom of your screen. To use items like furniture, drag it from the Dock and into the spot in your room where you want to place the item. Food items can be dragged directly to your pet to feed him.

There’s lots of things to do in Webkinz World, but check out Daily Activities to learn about the ones that your pet can enjoy for the day. If you want to see all things that you can do, click on the Things To Do icon on the lower right corner. Visit the Arcade and play the many fun games to earn KinzCash. Pick from solitaire games, spin-the-wheel or matching games. Keep playing games to earn as much KinzCash for more shopping money.

You can also go to Quizzy’s Corner, where you can answer questions about Math, Science or the Arts. Want to collect special items for your pet? Venture to the Magical Forest and collect one item at a time. You get special prizes for collecting different items! Do you need to earn quick cash? Visit the Employment Center and see if there are job openings for you and your pet. You can also send your pet to Kinzville Academy, where you’ll help him develop his physical and mental skills. Choose up to three courses a day and help your pet score high marks.

Please note that most of the activities in Webkinz are free to play with the exception some areas in Clubhouse and Trading, Tournament Arenas and KinzPost. For full access, you have to upgrade to a Deluxe membership, which you can purchase with real money.

Webkinz is a wholesome and safe place for young children to take care of a pet while having fun and learning at the same time. The activities are fun and engaging, and there’s always something fun to do every day. Ready to own a pet and have fun? Play Webkinz today!

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Buy toys, clothes, food and more fun stuff from the W-Shop.

Play games, visit parks and go on many adventures with your pet.
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