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Befriend all the elite people in Dream City.

Do missions to earn money to buy furniture and other accessories to your home.

Increase your home’s asset value by decorating it with various accessories.
Avakin LIfe 7.8 Avakin LIfe Virtual World Home Design Home Pet Social Avatar Enjoy this highly addictive and immersive virtual world game that you can enjoy on the go.

Be the master of your own destiny and embark on epic journeys that are full of memorable moments.

Explore the breathtaking game world that’s filled to the brim with beautiful places.
The Trail - The Trail Social Crafting Enjoy this exciting game that'll take you on an adventure across a beautiful land.

Collect things as you make your way through the trail to either trade them or use them.

Craft many new items that will aid you on your journey to lands no man has gone to before.
The Sims Free Play 10 The Sims Free Play Baby Home City Building Avatar Family Manage a town of Sims and help them enjoy life.

Create a prosperous environment for your Sims to work and play.

Connect with other Sims and have a party!
Dancing with the Stars - Dancing with the Stars Match 3 Dancing Teach yourself to dance ballroom with match-3 games.

Compete with friends for first place on the dance floor.

Be a star with your own costume designer and PA.
Hotel Story - Hotel Story Virtual World Business/ Economy Restaurant/ Cafe Run your own hotel in this fun filled game that's sure to impress.

Fill up your hotel with tons of rooms and other facilities to keep your guests entertained.

Visit the hotels of your friends to help them out in various ways.
Train Sim15 - Train Sim15 Travel Educational Trains Choose the train that’s perfect for your playing style and taste.

Know what it’s like to be the Train Engineer as you travel to various destinations with your load of cargo or passengers.

Encounter and deal with the different situations that can happen to a train as it travels from station to station.
Monster High - Monster High Virtual World Home Design Mini Games Kid Safe Avatar Join the cool Monster High gang on their thrilling adventures!

Watch the Monster High webisodes or rock to the ‘We are Monster High’ song.

Meet the Monster High student body and learn to embrace your imperfections like they do!
Godus - Godus Virtual World Fantasy Setting Play as a god in Godus, and take control of a living, breathing virtual world and its inhabitants on your fingertips.

Be loved by your worshippers and guide their growth in the ever-evolving world.

Wield powers and perform miracles like casting down meteors or grow lush forests to sustain the civilization!
Restaurant Story 2 10 Restaurant Story 2 Cooking Cook various recipes, serve them to your customers, and go on a culinary adventure inside your very own restaurant.

Acquire new recipes to try out different dishes, while decorating the restaurant of your dreams.

Improve your kitchen and visit restaurants owned by your friends to see how they are doing.
LINE Play: Your Avatar World 10 LINE Play: Your Avatar World Virtual World Magic Fashion Home Mini Games Pet Avatar Fishing Anime Enjoy wonderful Line characters in a vibrant virtual world.

Create, style and jazz up your avatar while making new friends.

Go fishing or play exciting games to earn Gems and other rewards.

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Most Played Games Like Dream Life Most Played Games Like Dream Life

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