3D Virtual World Games

Rate this Article Games usually segregate players based on their preferences, but virtual world games are very unlike any other games. Instead, they are able to unite gamers from various "categories" together. Find out why! Virtual World Games 3D - 3D Virtual World Games

Although there are plenty of games in the gaming industry, quite a large part of them are targeted towards a specific group of people and may not suit certain types of gamers. Can you imagine a casual gamer playing an MMO game? Well, virtual world games are very unlike these “other” games. Instead, they are a lot like a “chameleon-like sheep” in the flock when it comes crossing the barriers between different categories of gamers.

I mean, why wouldn’t they? Virtual world games cater to the inherent human need to interact; to converse albeit virtually with other humans. They provide something that everybody, regardless of your gaming preferences, will need, and they definitely have a niche in their community for each sort of people. If you love role-playing, there’s a community in the game just for that. If you like to meet people who love fashion, fashion-design and anything related to fashion in general, there’s a perfect group that you can join for that as well.

Not to mention, considering that people are spending more and more time in front of screens, virtual world games are the perfect games to provide that link; that feeling of human bonding between players, especially for people who are painfully shy in real life. Virtual world games, particularly social ones like IMVU, WoozWorld and Second Life, will be able to help them to come out of their shells and become a more communicative person. Who knows? You may just end up with new friends who will stick with you throughout your life! That’s the power of social virtual worlds!

Relaxing in a pool with friends in Twinity

Virtual world games also offer a huge variety of entertainment that would suit all types of gamers in the form of mini-games. Match-3 games, free-drawing games, racing games, educational games (particularly kid-safe virtual world games), quizzes and more – all of these you can find in most virtual world games! Some virtual world games even provide quests, achievements and a plethora of collectibles that will appease MMO gamers, such as Amazing World, Star Stable and Wizard 101.

Now, you may be wondering – what does the “3D” part has to contribute for a basic virtual world game? Well, allow me to give you an insight into how powerful a 3D game is as opposed to a 2D one. In contrast to the flat and unlively look of 2D graphics, 3D allow players to be more immersed into the virtual worlds since the visuals will look a lot more like the 3D objects you see in your daily lives. By providing more immersive virtual environments, players are able to connect and relate better to the games, the other virtual avatars or players, as well as their other game elements. Of course, let’s not forget that if you enjoy dancing virtually, the dance animation definitely looks better if it’s performed by a 3D avatar rather than a 2D one.

3D virtual world games may not be the most popular game genre around, but it, I would say, is placed at a solid 3rd place due to being relatable to players from all levels of society and of all form of game preferences. In other words, they are the type of games that everyone can play and enjoy since they fulfill one of the basic needs of being a human – the need to interact.

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