Conceptualizing an MMO Open-World Casino Game

Rate this Article Sure, there are a lot of casino games online, but what we lack is a definitive MMO-like experience. How would a game like this work? Virtual World Games 3D - Conceptualizing an MMO Open-World Casino Game

In the age of gaming and online gambling, there are countless casino games we can play online, whether casual experiences or something involving real money. However, we lack a large-scale casino game where players can step into a virtual world and play the casino games they want. Note there are experiences wherein you can step into a golf course or even a neighborhood with basketball courts where you can play with others.

We’re sure casino game fans and those who love to play poker online AUS and other games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack would love to experience something like this. Imagine going online, using your avatar, and exploring a virtual casino where you can play different kinds of games. How will something like this work though? Well, let’s conceptualize:

The setting

The setting should definitely that of a casino

Imagine a vacation island with various locales. There’s a beach, an explorable forest, rocky hiking areas, and nature reserves. At its center is a sprawling casino complex, where players can sit on tables, watch games, and play. The luxurious-looking Greco-Roman architecture mansion at its heart is where the most significant events, like big-money matches and tournaments, will be held. For clarity’s sake, let’s call the place “Casino Island.”

Fully explorable via a player’s avatar, Casino Island is a gambler’s paradise. Here, players will have a varied selection of games, whether they may be the baccarat or something obscure, like mahjong which generally appeals to an eastern audience. Of course, the interiors, music, and ambiance should be similar to contemporary casinos as well.

It would also be a fantastic idea to have an in-game casino newsletter where players can learn about the recent events happening on Casino Island. It could record significant events like the biggest daily earners, upcoming events, and developer updates. To get a better idea, it could be modeled after a gambling news site - click here.

A social casino experience

Now that we have the setting sorted out, the game has to be a social experience. Players can converse with others via a chat box or in-game voice chat. Meanwhile, they should also be able to drop in and out of tables, much like how poker games at saloons work. Plus, typical multiplayer features like adding friends and creating guilds and alliances should be a part of the list. Just imagine taking a seat on a poker table, playing the game you love while chatting with fellow players, which is definitely a great way to spend a relaxing evening.

A varied selection of games

A good casino MMO should have a varied selection of games

The main draw of casino games is, of course, the experiences available to players. It’s a given that staples like poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack should be part of the roster, along with single-player games like pokies (or slots) and horse racing machines.

In addition, it would also be a fantastic idea to add niche titles and different game variations. For example, poker has Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi, while baccarat has Chemin de fer and Baccarat Banque. Finally, niche and rather exotic games, including mahjong, pai gow, and Japanese Pachinko, have to be included. After all, players unfamiliar with these games would love to try out new experiences and test the waters.

Special events and competitions

Finally, an MMO casino game wouldn’t be complete without special events and competitions. These may range from high-stakes poker tournaments where players can win massive prizes and gain a plaque in the “Casino Island Hall of Fame” or limited-time rewards like double the number of chips won after every game for a certain period. There can even be inter-guild events and tournaments where groups of players can compete to add prestige to their respective affiliations. Finally, these events should also include anniversary and holiday events where players can obtain rewards by simply participating.

Overall, a casino massively multiplayer online game, whether a casual experience or something that involves real bets, needs to be in the works. There is almost nothing quite like the concept mentioned above, and we’re sure gamers and gamblers would jump at the chance to play something like it.

What do you think? Is an MMO casino game feasible in the future?

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