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Wed, May 30, 2018

Interface and Client Update for Rail Nation Classic

Interface and Client Update for Rail Nation Classic It's time for Rail Nation Classic to follow in the Rail Nation scenarios Steam over Europe and USA's footsteps and update its interface and client. Read More
Wed, May 30, 2018

Celebrate Second Life's 15th Birthday with These Exciting Events!

Celebrate Second Life's 15th Birthday with These Exciting Events! Second Life is celebrating its 15th birthday with a slew of exciting events! Here's the event lineup for June. Read More
Fri, May 25, 2018

New Game Added: The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile: Socializing Getting Styled in The Sims Mobile The Sims Mobile: Home Designing Enter a fun virtual world with endless possibilities in The Sims Mobile.

Create cool avatars and socialize in the virtual world.

Decorate your home, do jobs and develop relationships along the way.
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Thu, May 24, 2018

New Article Added: 3 Best Cloned Games like Club Penguin

3 Best Cloned Games like Club Penguin preview image If you're looking for games that are almost 100% like the old Club Penguin, you're definitely in the right place! We've curated and compared 3 of the best ones we've found. Read More
Tue, May 22, 2018

New Game Added: Lost Artifacts: Soulstone

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone gameplay Lost Artifacts: Soulstone making progress Lost Artifacts: Soulstone challenging level Recover the Soulstone as quickly as you can in this addicting time management game that promises hours upon hours of enjoyment.

Make your way through multitudes of exciting levels that are sure to test your skills.

Enjoy a vibrant and colorful game world that’ll keep you hooked until the end.
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Thu, May 17, 2018

New Game Added: Lovely Pets: Dog Town

Buy Food Lovely Pets: Dog Town Choose Breed Lovely Pets: Dog Town Take Care of Dog Lovely Pets: Dog Town Take care of the cutest virtual puppies.

Add more dogs to love and nurture.

Test your management skills in rearing a pet.
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Sun, May 13, 2018

New Game Added: Dragon Farm: Airworld

Dragon Farm Airworld: Dragons Game play of Dragon Farm Airworld Dragon Farm Airworld: Chopping Trees Build and decorate your own floating island and ride dragons in this thrilling game.

Complete quests and upgrade your dragons using the required resources.

Invite your friends and visit each other’s islands to exchange free gifts and unlock rare dragons.
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Wed, May 9, 2018

New Game Added: Dog Hotel Lite

Dog Hotel Lite Dog Bath Dog Hotel Lite Make Dog Happy Dog Hotel Lite Take Care of Dogs Test your skills in managing a dog hotel.

Take care of the dogs and make their owners happy.

Have fun with the virtual pets.
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Tue, May 1, 2018

New Game Added: SteamPower 1830

SteamPower 1830 starting off SteamPower 1830 gameplay SteamPower 1830 making progress Immerse yourself in the golden age of steam trains in this addicting game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Establish various trading routes across cities to help the economy grow.

Purchase upgrades for your trains to increase the amount of goods they can transport.
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Mon, Apr 30, 2018

New Game Added: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery searching for books Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery learning spells Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery gameplay Live out the life of an actual wizard or witch in this phenomenal game that definitely lives up to the franchise’s high reputation.

Attend classes and learn powerful spells as you progress through the game.

Uncover the secrets at Hogwarts and learn about the School’s past.
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