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Enjoy wonderful Line characters in a vibrant virtual world.

Create, style and jazz up your avatar while making new friends.

Go fishing or play exciting games to earn Gems and other rewards.
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LINE Play: Your Avatar World offers a cute and colorful virtual world where you can be fashionable while making friends and exploring great places. Like any virtual world, you can customize your avatar, design your home, chat with others and go shopping. But how does LINE Play: Your Avatar World stand out from other virtual worlds?

For starters, your avatar can be a girl, boy or a cute animal! This third addition makes the game much more fun and different. Animal avatars can dress up just like human avatars, but the Shop carries a different category for animal clothing. Another excellent game feature is the ability to save more than one home design. You can switch from one design to another without doing too much work.

You’re given a generous amount of Gems when you start playing, and you can shop for furniture, pets and clothing from the Shop. Some items can only be purchased with Cash, which is the premium currency of the game. Cash can only be purchased with real money and you can add Cash by tapping on the C icon. Cash is also required when purchasing some items from the Gacha.

You can earn Gems in many ways here. Even performing simple tasks like cleaning up your room, taking a nap or petting a pet will reward you with Gems. You can also go to the Square and visit Treasure Island to go fishing. You’ll have to buy a fishing potion first before you can start fishing. If you’re fishing for the first time, go to the Bronze fishing spot, which is for beginners. Keep fishing to increase your skills and earn Gems. Once you have higher fishing skills, you can move to the Silver or Gold fishing spots. Complete the Collection book pages – where you see all kinds of fish you caught -- and you’ll get more Gems.

If fishing is not your thing, you can go to LINE Stadium and play soccer. Buy a special potion to boost your chances of scoring a goal. Tap on the ball to kick it. You might have to do it several times to make it shoot into the net. Once you score a goal, your skills increase and you earn Gems and experience points.

There are many other places to explore in the Square. In Disney Square, you can ride a rollercoaster and a carousel, take pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Winnie the Pooh. You can also buy Disney-themed items from several shops within Disney Square. The New York Times Square is full of trendy avatars and buzzing activity, while the LINE Café is where you can slow down and relax. Don’t forget to high five other avatars, add them as friends or chat with them to keep earning experience and Gems.

If you’re not sure what to do to earn Gems and other rewards, you can tap on the Quests icon on the top right corner of the screen. Here, you’ll see a list of Quests that you can do to earn rewards. When a Quest is completed, you have an option to restart it.

LINE Play: Your Avatar World is a modern virtual world inspired by anime and Japanese art. You’ll see a lot of images, clothing and items that affirm this graphic theme. If you enjoy anime and virtual worlds, then this game might just be what you’re looking for. It’s certainly not your ordinary virtual game, and there are a lot of pleasant surprises waiting for you. So play today and discover the many wonders of LINE Play!

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Create, style and jazz up your avatar while making new friends.

Go fishing or play exciting games to earn Gems and other rewards.
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