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Hry s 3D grafikou používají postavy a prostředí, které pohání troj rozměrné zobrazení. Tyto hry vypadají a vyvolávají daleko lepší prožitek ze světa, jelikož předměty, které vidíte, nejsou ploché, ale vystupují. 10 Tour of Neverland 66 Played Tour of Neverland Adventure Sandbox Game Animals Social Tropical Farm Be in charge of a gorgeous tropical island farm and run it however you want to

Fix up all sorts of exciting facilities and decorate the island to fit your own style

Visit the islands of your friends and family and unlock a ton of outfits and pets
9 PK XD 68 Played PK XD Adventure Sandbox Game Kid Safe Open World Set yourself free in an open world filled with a variety of themes and adventure

Customize your avatar with the wackiest and coolest outfits, and meet a bunch of new friends

Chill and have fun in a safe and stress-free environment where you can mess around exploring the world
8 69 Played Animals Social Enjoy this truly immersive fantasy virtual world experience that’s unlike any other out there.

Create your very own wolf avatar and fine-tune its design to your liking and preferences.

Explore an enormous world filled with a variety of stunning and highly immersive sights.
7 Pawn Shop Master 71 Played Pawn Shop Master Business/ Economy Get hooked on this simple yet highly addicting game that you can enjoy in the comfort of your phone.

Run your very own pawn shop and get a chance to buy some incredibly rare items at bargain prices.

Sell off your goods at high rates to make massive profits that’ll help you grow your shop even further.
6 Harveston 75 Played Harveston Farm Play this truly captivating farming game that will provide you a thoroughly entertaining experience in the comfort of your phone.

Progress through the game to unlock new crops and structures that’ll help you make product from your harvests.

Enjoy the creative GPS based elements that’ll enable you to collect goods for your farm as you move around in the real world.
5 Summer in Mara 78 Played Summer in Mara Adventure Kid Safe Storytelling Exploration Farm Join the young girl Koa on her adventures beyond her home island

Work the land, grow a variety of crops and trees, and develop your farm

Meet interesting characters, complete quests, and craft a range of items to sell
4 Mother Simulator: Happy Virtual Family Life 83 Played Mother Simulator: Happy Virtual Family Life Baby Home Family Take on the most important job in the world in this delightful simulation game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Care for your family to the best of your abilities with each passing day.

Do various tasks around the house and make sure that everything is in order as you progress through the game.
3 WeFarm 84 Played WeFarm Farm Play this enjoyable and immersive farming game that’ll have you hooked to your phone for hours upon hours.

Plant many crops of various different kinds as you progress through the game and build up your farm.

Complete orders on the order board in order to earn experience and currency that’ll help you build up your farm.
2 Hotel Hideaway 98 Played Hotel Hideaway Virtual World Exploration Social Modern Setting Immerse yourself in this phenomenal virtual world game that you’ll be able to play in the comfort of your mobile device.

Explore an intricately crafted game world that’s filled to the brim with many exciting places for you to see.

Interact and make friends with people around you as you progress through the game.
1 My Horse Stories 99 Played My Horse Stories Horse Care Horse Riding Horse Farm Follow the journey of a young girl who’s just moved to the countryside from the big city in this phenomenal horse simulation game.

Maintain your horse and enter competitions of various kinds to put your horse riding skills to the test.

Upgrade your farm in a variety of different ways as you progress through the game.

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