Fantasy Setting Games List

Here you can play characters, explore worlds and play withing games set in a Fantasy world, either from books, history or the imagination. Elvenar 10 Elvenar War Empire Building City Building Fantasy Setting Guilds Explore a gorgeous world as you build up a huge city for either the Humans or the Elves.

Choose to negotiate or fight your way around the countryside as you expand your borders and seek to create your own kingdom.

Enjoy stunning graphics and fun gameplay in a brilliant browser game.
Wizard101 10 Wizard101 Magic Fantasy Setting Become known one of the most powerful wizards across the land by demonstrating your skills to the world.

Join the Ravenwood Academy to master the art of magic and learn many powerful abilities.

Play lots of fun mini-games and make new friends as you make your way through the game.
Royal Story 10 Royal Story Animals Fantasy Setting Pet Farm Farm all sorts of fresh produce

Build back your empire

Be the rightful heir to your kingdom
Sky Dale - Sky Dale Adventure Survival Fantasy Setting Farm We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Sky Dale here:

Go on an exciting adventure on a mysterious island in the sky

Gather resources, craft tools and build structures to survive

Discover the island’s many secrets and make a life for yourself there
Dreamfields 10 Dreamfields Fantasy Setting Farm Management Hire animal spirits to help you out with your tasks.

Use the power of your imagination to summon special animals and collect bonuses.

Plant crops, produce recipes, and collect income from your fields and your friends’ dreams.
Charm Farm 10 Charm Farm Fantasy Setting Farm Management Build your world up and make it defensible against the demons’ next attack.

Plant crops, build structures and initiate production of materials for your tasks.

Help Kaya reclaim the world from the evil creatures that threaten it.
Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders 9 Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders Virtual World Magic Fantasy Setting Collect stars to level up and help the inhabitants

Improve the objects from each glade

Unlock and complete all the quests
Wonder Way Tales 9.8 Wonder Way Tales Adventure Virtual World Magic Dragons Fantasy Setting Dive into an amazing adventure in this exciting magical virtual world simulator.

Deliver parcels and unlock more of the story for your pleasure.

Decorate the Lilobus while solving chapter after chapter of mystery and adventure.
Bongiland 10 Bongiland Adventure City Building Building Fantasy Setting Travel back to the time of the cavemen and build your own hometown from scratch.

Use the ancient ways to build shelters and explore the lands in search of useful items.

Complete quests and gain cool rewards to help your people survive.
My Little Pony 10 My Little Pony City Building Fantasy Setting Magical Horses Immerse yourself in this superb city building game that takes place in the popular My Little Pony universe.

Help the ponies use their magic to eliminate the darkness that’s spreading.

Create your own beautiful city in which all the ponies can live with each other in peace.

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