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Games where you can look after, ride or own horses, sometimes as mounts as well as the main focus of the game. Star Stable 10 Star Stable Kid Safe Horse Racing Competitive Adventure Horse Riding Horse Learn to ride like a pro and win races.

Level up to get new outfits and improve your horse’s skills.

Protect Moorland Stables from a greedy corporation.
Bibi & Tina - The Movie App 10 Bibi & Tina - The Movie App Horse Riding Kid Safe Checkpoint Races Horse Racing Horse Unlock an amazing photo story by riding your horse in Bibi & Tina - The Movie App.

Ride as fast as you can and reach the final checkpoint before time runs out.

Find your way out of a corn maze to unlock an epic photographic story.
Star Stable Horses - Star Stable Horses Horse Care Horse Raise your very own virtual foal in Star Stable Horses by completing a series of daily tasks

Take good care of your foal, give it treats, attention and the love it needs, and train it well

Export your grown-up horse to your Star Stable Online account after it reaches level 10
My Horse - My Horse Horse Care Horse Riding Horse Own and care for various different horses in this delightful game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Feed, groom and train your horse as you progress further into the game.

Enter competitions with your horses in order to demonstrate your skills to the rest of the world.
PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm - PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Horse Care Horse Riding Building Horse Farm Management Build your own horse racing tracks in PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm.

Unlock a huge variety of beautiful horses in the game.

Feed and treat your horses with care to level up quicker.
Horse Paradise 9 Horse Paradise Horse Racing Horse Competitive Magical Horses Dive into a fantastical world filled with horses, both the normal and the magical types alike

Grow food for your horses at the farms, and collect all the horses you like at your own stable

Have fun racing against friends via the online multiplayer or against AI through its practice match
Horse Haven: World Adventures - Horse Haven: World Adventures Horse Racing Horse Farm Management Establish your own horse ranches in various countries

Grow and harvest crops in the farm plots on your ranch to feed your horses

Sign your horses up to participate in steeplechase competitions
HorseHotel 9 HorseHotel Horse Care Horse Riding Horse Be the owner of your own ranch in HorseHotel and look after your clients’ trusty steeds.

Feed them, groom them, clean their stables, and play a variety of minigames to have them return to their owners happy.

Care for six different breeds, each with different needs and desires.
My Horse Stories - My Horse Stories Horse Care Horse Riding Horse Farm Follow the journey of a young girl who’s just moved to the countryside from the big city in this phenomenal horse simulation game.

Maintain your horse and enter competitions of various kinds to put your horse riding skills to the test.

Upgrade your farm in a variety of different ways as you progress through the game.
Equestriad World Tour - Equestriad World Tour Horse Care Horse Become one of the best equestrians around in this brand new horse game!

Take good care of your very own virtual horse by washing it, brushing it down, and more

Participate in exciting horse events like dressage, cross country, and show jumping

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