Top 5 3D Virtual Worlds for Tweens

Rate this Article As of right now there are lots of virtual world games available that are targeted specifically towards a tween audience and in this article we’ll be talking about the games in this category that manage to stand out head and shoulders above all the rest. Virtual World Games 3D - Top 5 3D Virtual Worlds for Tweens

We took multiple different factors into consideration when deciding what games to include in this list but perhaps the primary factor was gameplay. Each and every one of these games makes sure that players always have something to keep busy with whether it’s a mini-game, exploration or something else. Whenever you’re playing any of these games you will never feel idle or without a sense of direction and this is exactly what sets them apart from the rest.

Alongside the gameplay, the other primary factor we took into consideration is how good the games look. All the games we’ll be listing below look absolutely fantastic. They all have bright color palettes, in-depth character designs, smooth animations, beautiful game worlds and overall are just an absolute delight to look at.

The following five games are those that we feel are the absolute best games in this category.


Avataria is one of the most popular virtual world games in existence. The game has been out for many years now and ever since its release it has seen constant growth in its player-base. Avataria has lots of ways to keep players entertained and it’s also one of the few virtual world games in which you can actually get married to someone in-game.


Meez is a pretty stellar game that puts a lot of emphasis on fashion and glamour. You’ll get to make new friends, travel the beautiful game world and make a statement with your superior fashion sense. The highlight feature of Meez is the fact that it gives players multitudes of ways to customize and personalize their in-game characters according to their preferences and likings.


In Woozworld you’ll be taken into a massive game world that has many amazing places for the players to explore. On your journey you will also get to make new friends and you can also get these friends to accompany you as you make your way through the game. Woozworld is also great in terms of character customization and gives players a variety of different tools that they can utilize to make their avatar look stunning.


There is an amazing 3D virtual world game that’s basically a combination of every single feature that defines a good game in this genre. Its gameplay is full of many fun activities for the players to engage themselves with and its visuals are some of the absolute best out there. There is also solid in terms of exploration because the game world is pretty massive and has many great places to see.

Small Worlds

The best part of Small Worlds is the fact that alongside the usual virtual world features, it also has various other great things to offer. The game has a very intriguing pet system through which you’ll get to have a pet companion accompany you on your journeys and alongside this it even gives players their very own houses that they can decorate.

All said and done, all the virtual world games mentioned above are very high quality and are sure to provide an enjoyable experience to anyone who tries them out.

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