What is RobloxGo?

Rate this Article Featuring game lists, filters and labels to make game searching easier, RobloxGo aims to create a space on the internet where Roblox players can game together and meet new friends. Virtual World Games 3D - What is RobloxGo?

Roblox is among one of the most popular, free-to-play MMO sandbox games out there, and why it shouldn’t be? The game features a ton of tools, scripts and blocks that its players could then use to create amazing games, places, or structures for other players to play and explore. There are plenty of user-created games on the site amounting to perhaps tens of thousands at the very least, and not to forget, the community in Roblox is just awesome. Like the proverb that goes “it takes a village to raise a child”, it definitely takes a wildly creative community of fun-loving players to mold Roblox into the game it is today.

And oh, on a side note, before you start yelling “Minecraft clone!” to no one in particular, perhaps you should know this. In contrary to what most players would claim or believe, Roblox is definitely not a Minecraft clone. In fact, if we’re being serious here, Roblox (the full game) actually came out almost 2 years before the alpha version of Minecraft was developed. So there - the argument's closed and good riddance!

Now, for such a popular game, you might think there will be a plethora of Roblox fan sites that pop up on the internet... well, it is sad to say that aside from a couple of fan clubs, there aren’t a lot of them around. Roblox deserves more than this!

Due to this, we’ve decided to set up a website for fans of Roblox to gather at called RobloxGo. It is our sole aim and purpose to (hopefully) build a lively community of Roblox players who can share their years of Roblox-wisdom to new players, find collaborators for a game project they are working on in Roblox, or even to simply play some games, meet some new friends and have some fun. After all, friends who game together, stay together!

Being ambitious as we are, we also aim to make RobloxGo a go-to site for Roblox players to search for fun Roblox games to play. We’ll be adding in short reviews for the many games available on Roblox, giving you more accurate details about a Roblox game before you even start playing it. There are also labels and filters that would be handy when you are looking for a game of a particular genre to play on Roblox. Whether it is something more casual like exploring the hallowed halls of Roblox’s very own School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (and yes, it’s built after Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series) or going full Bear Grylls-survival mode in the game, Survivalist – Smooth Terrain

Let’s not forget about the new “Roblox game lists” feature which we have just launched a few days ago. Here, we provide you with lists of the best Roblox games that you can find for each genre and label, making it incredibly easy for you to find, say “the best Pokemon games on Roblox” or “the most played Star Wars-themed games”.

So, if you’re interested to be among the first members of our Roblox fan site community, do come on over to RobloxGo now and bring along your friends! With time, effort and plenty of exciting new features in the works, RobloxGo is going to be the to-go site for Roblox players to meet up and game with together.

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