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Turn the volume up as you mix your favourite tracks in Club Cooee.

Design your very own club scene!

Meet new friends and dance to the beat in the coolest virtual club there is.
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Turn the volume up as you mix your favourite tracks in Club Cooee.

Design your very own club scene!

Meet new friends and dance to the beat in the coolest virtual club there is.

Gotten yourself grounded over the weekend and yet having that itch to go clubbing or partying with your friends? Well, worry no more! Club Cooee is the hippest virtual club there is on the cyberspace!

Once you’ve picked your first character (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to change the look on your character soon!), you’ll be guided through a series of clear and easy-to-understand instructions on how to move, interact with objects, use its random chat feature and visit common rooms where most people hang out in. However, the guide didn’t include how to earn in-game money without paying real money, how to buy items from the shops or even how to set up and place or adjust objects your own room. You are left to figure out that yourself and that may take awhile.

Despite that, one of the best things for the new Club Cooee member is the amount of in-game money that they start you off with. Each new player are given 2500 Cooee Points (CP) and, with a quick look through the cheaper items available in the shop, you’ll be able to give your character an entire makeover really quick. With a treasure trove of outfits to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed trying to not to buy them all.

There are also smileys (for use in chatting) and cool animations to buy. Some of the dance moves available for sale is pretty awesome, like ‘Hip hop’, ‘Harlem shake’ or the ‘Macarena’, and there are so many to choose from. However, most of the fancy ones, clothing or animation alike, require a different type of currency called Cooee Coins (CC). These coins can be earned by doing partner surveys or completing partner offers, or if you have some dosh to spend, it can also be bought using real money.

Despite having almost everything under the roof, the in-game shop is rather difficult to navigate. For example, if you’re looking to buy something that has a price in the moderate range, you’ll need to rifle through pages of cheap or expensive items in order to reach the moderately-priced items. It would have been nice to have page numbers for each page of the items sold so that players can jump right into the exact page that they want.

There is also another way to buy items - introducing the marketplace! This is the place to go to if you want to find rare goods or unique items that are created by the players themselves!

But remember not to spend all your money in one shopping spree! Save some, so that you can set up your very own 3D room for a party! Opps, you’ve spent all your CPs already, didn’t you? Well, no worries, you can earn them back really soon! There are a few ways to earn CP in Club Cooee, short of buying them using real money of course. You can level up by completing achievements, refer a friend to Club Cooee, place banners on your various social sites and get clicks, get people to visit your room or simply, just stay online for a couple of hours.

Since it is a social game, you’ll be able to meet new and friendly people in the various rooms provided. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, go ahead and click on random chat. Who knows? You might just end up talking with someone who would become your best friend. There is also an in-game screenshot feature whereby you can immortalise fun moments in Club Cooee with your friends. Though, the quality of the picture is not really good enough – it turned up rather blurry for me.

An interesting and unique feature in Club Cooee is the ability to design and sell your very own apparels. You can start doing this by setting up your own Designer shop. In fact, by selling your digitally designed clothes in Club Cooee, you can earn some CC that you can use to buy some other really cool items.

If you fancy yourself as a DJ, you simply must check out their DJ rooms. The virtual equipments are all there just waiting for you to strut your stuff! Prepare a YouTube playlist of the music that you want to feature and put it up on the screen provided in the rooms. By training your DJ skills, you’ll also earn DJ points that will help you to level up in Club Cooee. Not to mention, if your audience like your choice of music, they will be dancing to your beat. Now, how cool is that?

Nevertheless, there are several other things that I believe the game can improve in. One of them is the way links to other places are displayed in the rooms. They can be rather messy and hence, accidental clicks may occur fairly often, taking you to another location in mid-conversation.

There is also a slight problem, whether it is intentional or otherwise, with the rooms that I find is rather annoying. The left side of the room seems to be slightly cropped off and that included the YouTube screen display. Thus, if someone put up a lyrics video, you can hardly read the words that are on the left side of the screen.

Furthermore, unlike some of the other social games out there, Club Cooee requires an installation that, while the size of the game itself is not at all huge, may seem to be a bit troublesome to some people.

While it has its flaws, Club Cooee is still the game to go to if you want to chat, meet new people, discover new music, polish up your DJ skills, and design the perfect club scene and the coolest outfits. It is also free-to-play! So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the Club Cooee to experience the virtual party of your life today!

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Design your very own club scene!

Meet new friends and dance to the beat in the coolest virtual club there is.
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