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Challenge your styling skills with hundreds of looks products to pick.

Compete with other stylists and win huge prizes.

Be creative and find inspiration for your next look and style.
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Do you believe you have a keen fashion sense? Do you aspire or think about joining such a competitive industry as a stylist? Why don’t you find out the answers by playing Covet Fashion?

Covet Fashion is more than dressing up. It’s testing your creativity, spirit of competition, and budget skills. It gives you a glimpse of how real fashion works – something you may not be completely familiar with.

In the game, you don’t just model. You style your character and then beat other players to win incredibly huge prizes. The fashion SIM revolves around daily theme-based challenges, which are many such as Dress Up for a Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere or First Lady of the White House.

Each challenge has objectives. A premiere may require your character to dress up in red or a day of giving back may mean sporting a denim jacket and cotton shoes. Then you’re given a blank canvas, which is an underdressed character.

You work on completing the requirements, which is easy as there are many options to pick. The handy Search function makes looking for items quick as well. Once this is done, you complete the look with makeup, accessories, and shoes. You even get to choose your desired complexion.

However, like in real fashion, these items don’t come for free. You pay them either with virtual money or diamonds. The more expensive it is, the more money and diamonds you use up.

The good thing is like in the real world, stylists don’t throw clothes, shoes, and accessories away. They keep them to come up with other different looks in the future. The items you buy therefore get added to your closet.

Covet Fashion also provides you with plenty of ways to get more money, diamonds, and create the look that you want. Joining a challenge already rewards you with $100 value immediately. Winning, meanwhile, may mean getting high-valued items for free, along with diamonds. Further, the higher rating you receive for your character’s look, the bigger your reward will be. As you progress in the game, you will have access to more items as well.

Because money and diamonds are important to play the game, have access to high-valued items, and create a variety of looks to win, Covet Fashion includes in-app purchases in case you run out of virtual currency or don’t have enough cash to buy what you like.

Covet Fashion is one of the highly sociable fashion SIM games. You compete against real players around the world. It’s also real people who judge your look (it may take a few days to know the final results). The game also has its own forum if ever you need styling or fashion advice, although not all sections are open to newbies. The game also includes a smart feature called Borrow from Friend. This simply means you have the option to borrow, as well as to lend, certain items to save virtual money!

Moreover, since fashion is art, the game provides you with great graphics where item details are clear, sharp, and distinguishable.

There’s more to fashion than meets the eye. Covet Fashion lets you experience, at least virtually, what it means to work behind the scene in a fun thrilling away: competition and dressing up using real trendy items. Got fashion sense? Download the game now.

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Compete with other stylists and win huge prizes.

Be creative and find inspiration for your next look and style.
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