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Jeux avec de vastes plages où vous pouvez vous détendre, rencontrer des amis ou prendre votre aimant pour une promenade romantique. Sinespace - Sinespace Monde Virtuel Sandbox Game Flying Mode Building Partie Open World Plage Avatar Free Roam Explore tons of gorgeous, player-created worlds

Shop for items to customize your avatar with

Have fun creating items or even building worlds
Second Life 6.2 Second Life Monde Virtuel Musique Partie Plage Avatar Social Dating Customize your avatar to create a unique identity.

Meet new friends, go on quests and explore fascinating locations.

Go fishing, get a job or play games to earn some dollars.
IMVU 6.8 IMVU Monde Virtuel Mode Partie Plage Animal Domestique Avatar Social Create your very own Avatar

Make friends and socialize

Stay connected on the move
Dream City Idols 10 Dream City Idols Mode Mariage Animal Domestique Plage Avatar Anime Competitive Conception à la Maison Chambres Social Fashion Competition Pursue your dreams of becoming a fashion superstar in Dream City

Participate in the Star Show and show your opponents that you mean business!

Design your own virtual home, take care of an adorable pet and manage your shop along the way
Island Oasis 7 Island Oasis Monde Virtuel Conception à la Maison Partie Mariage Plage Social Avatar Bienvenue dans ce monde nouveau et excitant, Island Oasis vous laisse créer tout ce que vous voulez au paradis ! Entrez dans ce monde virtuel 3D étonnant.

Créez votre avatar puis changez votre look quand vous le voulez.

Explorez des endroits et magasins magnifiques remplis d'objets incroyables.

Soyez créatif et construisez votre paradis.
Club Penguin Island - Club Penguin Island Pirates Monde Virtuel Fashion Design Mini Games Animals Plage Avatar Aventure Underwater Tropical Meet new people and make new friends in this child-friendly virtual world game

Explore the whole island to find treasures, and set off on exciting story-based adventures

Design your own outfits and customize your penguin to your liking
Starside Celebrity Resort - Starside Celebrity Resort Plage Match 3 Gestion Bring back the glory days of a resort.

Play two games in every level.

Complete tasks and watch the resort transform.
Farmville: Tropic Escape - Farmville: Tropic Escape Cooking Animals Building Plage Exploration Tropical Farm Escape from the constant hum of the concrete jungle and set up your own tropical paradise

Plant, grow and harvest a variety of crops, rear farm animals and craft delicious food and drinks

Hire guides to uncover new locations and even unearth some intriguing mystery about the island

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