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Games (mainly virtual world games or casual browser-based MMORPGs) that contain mini-games that can be educational games, logic puzzle games, and others. Movie Star Planet 10 Movie Star Planet Monde Virtuel Fashion Design Mode Mini Games Coffre-fort d'enfant Partie Animal Domestique Avatar Chambres Social Fashion Competition Create your own movies and cast your friends in them

Design fashionable clothes and decorate your home

Play fun mini-games, make new friends and chat with other players
Habbo Hotel 8 Habbo Hotel Monde Virtuel Mini Games Voxel-based Explore a whole new virtual world in voxel and in 3D.

You don’t need any special software to play – just your favorite browser.

Make up your room, but make sure to explore the other rooms as well.
SmallWorlds 9.6 SmallWorlds Monde Virtuel Mini Games Partie Animal Domestique Avatar Conception à la Maison Social Pool Be another you in another world right in your browser

Find a hangout spot and have fun with your friends

Explore the many worlds in SmallWorlds
Webkinz 10 Webkinz Dogs Mini Games Animals Coffre-fort d'enfant Animal Domestique Éducative Adopt your very own pet and give him a home.

Buy toys, clothes, food and more fun stuff from the W-Shop.

Play games, visit parks and go on many adventures with your pet.
Moshi Monsters 10 Moshi Monsters Monde Virtuel Monsters Mini Games Coffre-fort d'enfant Collect mini-monsters called Moshlings and grow your zoo.

Take on mini-missions to gain reputation as a Super Moshi.

Explore the world and gain new friends and allies.
Garfield: Survival of the Fattest 10 Garfield: Survival of the Fattest Aventure Mini Games Building Help Garfield get his favorite foods to become the fattest cat around

Survive despite being forced to diet while camping in the wild

Complete tasks given by the characters of the famous comic book
Bella Sara 8.5 Bella Sara Monde Virtuel Mini Games Coffre-fort d'enfant Take care of your very own stable and horses.

Explore a virtual world and play many games.

People of all ages are welcome here.
Club Penguin 10 Club Penguin Monde Virtuel Musique Mini Games Animals Coffre-fort d'enfant Animal Domestique Skiing Chambres Social Fishing Create your own penguin and explore a beautiful town.

Adopt a pet and buy cool pet accessories from the Shop.

Chill in your Igloo and decorate it to make it more awesome.
Freggers 10 Freggers Monde Virtuel Mini Games Social Immerse yourself in a massive world that’s full of things to do and people to meet.

Customize your apartment according to your preferences to make it look absolutely stunning.

Enjoy many fun mini-games that are sure to keep you hooked for countless hours.
Petra's Planet 9.5 Petra's Planet Monde Virtuel Mini Games Animals Coffre-fort d'enfant Animal Domestique Avatar Éducative Geography Chambres Social Explore and learn about your world while making friends.

Collect Kipps and buy toys for your pets, new clothes and things for your home.

Find and collect animal cards to play with friends.

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