Années de l'adolescence Games List

Jeux créés particulièrement pour des adolescents, avec les jeux, les endroits et les conceptions qui font appel aux adolescents. Meez 9 Meez Monde Virtuel Social Avatar Années de l'adolescence Explore an exciting virtual world with highly engaging neighborhoods.

Customize the look of your avatar to suit your personality and personal preferences.

Earn in-game cash by performing certain actions within the virtual world.
Disney Descendants 10 Disney Descendants Mode Coffre-fort d'enfant Avatar Magic Années de l'adolescence Tweens Meet Mal, Evie and the rest of the Villain Kids.

Go on magical adventures and help your new friends.

Dress up for parties, decorate your dorm and conquer Auradon Prep!
Equestria Girls 10 Equestria Girls Aventure Monde Virtuel Mini Games Années de l'adolescence Tweens Magical Horses Enjoy this awesome adventure game based off the hugely popular TV series.

Participate in tons of fun mini-games in order to win prizes and demonstrate your skills.

Explore the massive game world that’s filled to the brim with amazing sights to see.
Covet Fashion - Covet Fashion Fashion Design Mode Interactive Experience Années de l'adolescence Fashion Competition Challenge your styling skills with hundreds of looks products to pick.

Compete with other stylists and win huge prizes.

Be creative and find inspiration for your next look and style.
High School Story - High School Story Building Storytelling Partie Avatar School Années de l'adolescence Dating Tweens Set up your own virtual high school and enroll your friends

Level up your fellow classmates and send them off on engaging story-rich quests

Throw fun parties, go on dates or even play matchmaker and set up your friends
Episode - Choose Your Story - Episode - Choose Your Story Aventure Storytelling Années de l'adolescence Tweens Romance Choose an interactive story from the huge digital library of stories of varying genres

Make impactful decisions and change the path of your narrative to get different endings

Create your own interactive stories and share them for the world to enjoy

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