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Créez au miroir du monde réel, ou construisez nouveau entier, faites un avatar et achetez des vêtements, rencontrez les gens, organisez des fêtes et beaucoup plus. Trove 10 Trove Monde Virtuel Sandbox Game Building Mounts Animal Domestique Voxel-based Aventure Raiding Create your own voxel-based masterpieces in Trove

Harvest and collect resources from the virtual environment

Explore the various biomes and worlds on offer in the game
Sinespace - Sinespace Monde Virtuel Sandbox Game Flying Mode Building Partie Open World Plage Avatar Free Roam Explore tons of gorgeous, player-created worlds

Shop for items to customize your avatar with

Have fun creating items or even building worlds
Lady Popular - Lady Popular Monde Virtuel Mode Partie Animal Domestique Avatar Jouez à Lady Popular et entrez dans ce monde étonnant de mode, de fun et d'amis ! Allez faire du shopping pour vous et vos animaux et entrez dans des concours de mode pour exposer vos tenue.

Choisissez ou changez votre look quand vous le voulez.

Choisissez votre tenue parmi des milliers d'options.

Exposez vos tenues sur le podium.
Smeet 7 Smeet Monde Virtuel Conception à la Maison Mode Partie Social Avatar Entrez dans Smeet et faites l'expérience d'un monde étonnant de fun, de jeux et d'un endroit pour vous.

Faites vous des amis et appréciez ce monde merveilleux.

Décorez votre maison selon vos goûts.

Jouez à des jeux géniaux et partagez vos scores avec vos amis.
Roblox 9.7 Roblox Monde Virtuel Sandbox Game Tir Imagine a world in which you could be anything you wanted to be.

Or how exciting could it be being a part of someone’s imagination?

Here at ROBLOX, imagination is all you need to make everything come true.
Meez 9 Meez Monde Virtuel Social Avatar Années de l'adolescence Explore an exciting virtual world with highly engaging neighborhoods.

Customize the look of your avatar to suit your personality and personal preferences.

Earn in-game cash by performing certain actions within the virtual world.
Second Life 6.2 Second Life Monde Virtuel Musique Partie Plage Avatar Social Dating Customize your avatar to create a unique identity.

Meet new friends, go on quests and explore fascinating locations.

Go fishing, get a job or play games to earn some dollars.
There 6.8 There Monde Virtuel Social Avatar Imagine a beautiful world where you can enjoy the sights and sounds.

Get ready for exciting adventures with nothing but fun in mind.

Join us in There, a world beyond fun and imagination!
Woozworld 8 Woozworld Monde Virtuel Mode Social Avatar Embark on an epic quest to stardom as you play this fun filled virtual world game.

Customize your character according to your preferences to make it look as good as it possibly can.

Meet many people along your journey and make friends who will stay with you through this and thin.
OurWorld 9 OurWorld Monde Virtuel Social Avatar Play this fun and exciting virtual world game that’s full of multiple ways to enjoy yourself.

Explore the game world and make new friends to make the experience more immersive and enjoyable

Enjoy the addictive mini-games that are sure to keep you hooked for countless hours.

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