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Take care of your very own stable and horses.

Explore a virtual world and play many games.

People of all ages are welcome here.
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Take care of your very own stable and horses.

Explore a virtual world and play many games.

People of all ages are welcome here.

A world of horses and unforgettable adventures await you in Bella Sara, a free to play horse and virtual world simulator. There are many things that you can experience here, and having an account in the virtual world and logging into it for a few minutes a day will certainly be worth a while.

First off, you can take care of horses here. This is, in fact, the first thing that you will do once you’ve signed up for an account at the website. By the way, all you need is a valid email, a secure password and a unique username, and you’re all set to experience the virtual world. The website will need you to provide your birthday, but that’s only to verify that you’re within the age group that can access the site.
After signing up, you’ll be asked to choose your very first foal. You have a choice between four.

Confused on how to select? Check out each horse’s attributes, especially its temperament. Each horse is unique and has an attitude of its own, which will affect how you take care of it. Take your time, and, when you’re done, choose a combination of two names from a database that the website maintains.
When you’re finished with this part, congratulations! You now have your first horse in Bella Sara.

What can you do with your horse, you ask? You, of course, have to take care of it. Your horse has its own stall. In there, you can do what you need in order to bring up a healthy equine. This includes adding straw to the horse’s stall, and feeding it. You can feed it either with oats, which you put in a trough, and apples.

To take care of your horse, you simply need to click on an object, like an apple, and bring it to the horse for it to eat. You click on oats, and click on the trough to deposit it there. The horse will also want to drink water, so you’d want to fill up the well by pumping water into it.

The horse itself will tell you what it needs through its actions. Sniffing water means it wants to drink, while moving to the trough and kicking its legs means it wants to eat oats. Just take note of these visual cues and you can take of your horse just fine.

Other actions involving horses include grooming them.

In this virtual world, you will need to earn horse shoes, which is the game’s currency. You do this by playing games and exploring the virtual world. There are, fortunately, many activities through which you can earn horse shoes.

You can, for example, go to the Township from the world map and play Lance Riding. In Lance Riding, you will need to catch rings in the air with a lance while your horse runs. Each run requires you to catch two rings at most, with each one giving you 10 points. You can take a shot at earning 80 points in 10 runs to earn bonuses.

Or you can play the Fireworks Festival game in the Cottage. All you need to do is capture as many firecrackers as you can before time runs out. With the firecrackers you catch, you can get treated to a custom-made fireworks display at the end.

Bella Sara is ideal for people of all ages. There’s plenty of adventures here and a huge world to explore, so go ahead and sign up now.

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Explore a virtual world and play many games.

People of all ages are welcome here.
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