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Become one of the best equestrians around in this brand new horse game!

Take good care of your very own virtual horse by washing it, brushing it down, and more

Participate in exciting horse events like dressage, cross country, and show jumping
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Become one of the best equestrians around in this brand new horse game!

Take good care of your very own virtual horse by washing it, brushing it down, and more

Participate in exciting horse events like dressage, cross country, and show jumping

Giving other popular mobile horse games a run for their money, Equestriad World Tour features gorgeously-rendered horses that you can unlock as you level up, fun horse care-related mini-games, and most interestingly, multiplayer-based horse events including dressage, cross country and show jumping.

The game starts off with a introductory show-jumping tutorial which would definitely perk the interest of many horse lovers, before diving straight into the basics – avatar creation. Unlike some games however, Equestriad World Tour only lets you choose from a list of premade avatars (both male and female) and you couldn’t customize your avatar as you see fit later on either. The upside to this is that horses aren’t subject to this limitation and can be further “customize” if you have the necessary horse gear or item purchased.

Buying horses in this game is fairly straightforward – you just pick the breed you want. Currently, the game features 6 the popular favorites, namely Swedish Warmblood, Holsteiner, Hanoverian, Dutch Warmblood, Irish Sport, and Anglo Arabian, with the later ones being unlocked as you level up. That said, if you’re willing to spend the necessary horseshoes to check the horse for potential, you can do that as well. Note that horses with higher potential (a.k.a. higher stats or horse qualities) will be able to be trained to reach greater heights than one with lower potential.

However, I’ve got to say – buying horses isn’t exactly something you’d need to do often in this game since you can only own up to two horses in this game at the moment, and you will only unlock the next stable slot at level 10, which will take a while. Thankfully, your first horse completely free and has a pretty modest potential.

Now, having a horse is all good and well. The next you’ll want to do is to take it out for a test run, literally. There are lots of events to participate, at the cost of energy, in this game. The first is the Grand Prix, which consists of a chain of 3 events, specifically dressage, cross country and show jumping, and you’ll have to do well enough in all three to do well on the leaderboard.

The other two events are solo events. For Exhibition, you’ll get to choose one of three events to participate in and see where you rank among other players in the game. The same applies for Wind Chasers but for this game mode, you don’t get to choose which event you’ll get – it’s randomized – but the points you get here will determine your rank on the leaderboard. The higher you go on the leaderboard, the better prizes you’ll get!

For all three events, the gameplay is pretty similar since there are only two main factors you’ll need to pay attention to – the direction and speed of the horse, and the timing of when to hit the action button. In dressage, the timing aspect of the gameplay is most important since hitting the action button at the right time will get you a much higher score, while missing one will cause you to suffer a penalty which may cost you the match.

In both cross country and show jumping, however, the direction and speed of the horse are important factors too, mainly because time is of the essence. You’ll also need to keep your horse on the track to earn bonus points and to make sure you can hit the jump button, which will make your horse attempt a jump across the fence, at the right spot.

Besides events, horse care is another vital aspect of the gameplay mainly because not only it is the right thing to do, but also your horse can get a nice stat boost if it is well taken care of. There are 4 parts to horse care, which include the usual like washing your horse, brushing it down, cleaning the hooves and giving it treats. However, note that your horse doesn’t like you cleaning certain parts of its body and if you insist on doing so, you may risk reducing the bond you have with it, in addition to increasing its temper. You wouldn’t want to (attempt) to ride an angry horse, trust me.

Horses in this game can also be trained but it is done automatically and behind the screens. This basically means that you just need to “send your horse away for training”, wait for the duration to tick down to zero and you’ll get your horse back but with slightly better stats. You can speed things up by watching a video ad or by spending premium currency, golden horseshoes, but if you’re not in a hurry, waiting it out doesn’t hurt too, especially once you’ve got another horse ready to go.

As a freemium game, Equestriad World Tour has an in-game store selling a selection of items, such as horses with higher potential, and horse gear, in exchange for golden horseshoes. You can also buy more golden horseshoes with real cash, though know that you can earn a small number of them simply by logging in daily or participating in events. There’s also a season pass that you can buy that functions like a subscription. As long as the pass is active, you can get extra stuff by logging in every day.

Equestriad World Tour is a social game and as such, you can join a “Team” once you’re done with the tutorial. However, know that not every team is open for low level players and that if you fancy creating a Team of your own, you’ll need to be at least level 5 to do so. There is also a friends list in this game but it doesn’t seem to offer any extra function beyond that.

Now, when it comes to the graphics and sound department, Equestriad World Tour truly outdid itself! Not only are the horses and the 3D assets in the game an absolute delight to look at, the quality animation looks great as well! In fact, there are some little things that I’ve noticed such as how the coat of a horse will glisten in the light when it’s wet after a wash. The sound is fantastic too. I love how atmospheric the events feel, complete with commentary from professionals as you compete in these events.

To put it simply, Equestriad World Tour is exactly what a horse game should be! The game puts a lot of focus on horse care and on events, ensuring a nice balance between the well-being of your horse and your need to become the best equestrian there is! The game is still new though and although some players might be disappointed with the limited selection of horses available or that they could only own up to 2 horses, know that more is likely to come.

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Take good care of your very own virtual horse by washing it, brushing it down, and more

Participate in exciting horse events like dressage, cross country, and show jumping
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