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Create your very own Avatar

Make friends and socialize

Stay connected on the move
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Create your very own Avatar

Make friends and socialize

Stay connected on the move

Do you wish you had a life outside the boring one you have? Do you like to socialize with different people? If so, IMVU is the perfect game for you! Join the millions already using IMVU and connect to more than 3 million people from more than 90 countries. With so many possibilities in the world of IMVU, you are sure to find something to do and make a better life. Customize your look, decide on your style and shop til you drop in this virtual world with your friends and family! So what are you waiting for? Start your brand new life with IMVU today!

IMVU starts by letting players choose their own Avatar to use as their representative throughout the game. While at first the avatar chosen has pre-determined looks, the player will be able to make changes as they progress further in game. IMVU gives players the opportunity to be themselves through the avatars that represent them, allowing the freedom to express their individuality. This can be done with the full customization of the avatar; from their hair all the way to the clothes they can purchase in shops. Players are allowed to dress up or down as much as they please with the options that IMVU has to offer.

Freedom for players doesn’t end there, the social possibilities of IMVU are also endless with all the creativity given to be as social as you like. Discover what everyone is up to by staying connected via instant messaging, meet new friends and mingle like never before inside various chat rooms and explore the world around you while partying all night long. The excitement never ends with all these options and more from IMVU. Even if you’ve done all these, just buy credits and repeat for more of everything! And if you’re ever in a hurry, take your virtual world with you on the go with IMVU Mobile, which follows you wherever you are on your android or iOS device.

The graphics used in IMVU are somewhat like to the one used in SIMS which really brings out the excitement of playing, and interacting with avatars that can really represent a person in real life. The graphics presents exaggerated features but are better to look at than the usual cartoony type that other virtual games implement. The music used is also fresh, fun and vibrant fitting in to the theme of the virtual environment given to the players. And if you want to listen to the best music of today then just head over to the music catalog and have a browse through.

Does that sound thrilling or what? It sure does and the best part is that IMVU is free for everyone to play so get started on your very own virtual life! With tons of things to do from shopping, partying and socializing there is nothing you can’t do. With all the exciting possibilities that can start by just signing up and making an IMVU account, there is nothing to lose so get started and live it up in your new life with IMVU today!

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