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Play tons of 3D multiplayer games.

Collect Gold Cubes and buy avatars and building models.

Design your own game and share it with everyone.
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Do you love playing games as well as building them? Then check out this unique gaming community called Kogama. Kogama is not just a single game – it’s a huge collection of 3D games where you can pick one and have fun playing in colorful and interesting landscapes. The more games you play, the more experience you gain and you also get some Gold Cubes if you’re lucky. Gold Cubes are used to purchase avatars and other items from the Marketplace.

Kogama is free to play, and you only need a user name and a password to join. Once you’ve chosen and avatar and given it a name, you are led into the main dashboard, where you’ll see the most popular games in the community.

There are different kinds of games in Kogama, from Parkour-themed action games to racing and city building. One common theme is its 3D graphics that is similar to Minecraft. Another thing that is constant when playing any game is the way you continue to earn experience, which will show on the top bar counter. More experience can help you get some items you need within a game.

The controls for all games is pretty much the same. You use W,A,S,D keys to move the avatar, Spacebar to jump, E to enter or collect an item, K to respawn, Esc to exit the game, Left Mouse button to fire a weapon and Q to drop a weapon. You can use the mouse to look around your surroundings or change your avatar's point of view. At the start of each game, you’ll have full health (as indicated by the green bar on the top of the game window). If you are hurt or fall down during the game, your health decreases. If your health drops to zero, you lose the game. You can use the Respawn feature or just play the game again.

While it’s fun to play games in Kogama, it’s good to know that you can also build your own game. Select the Build button on top of the main dashboard to get started. You can start from scratch or choose a city or island template. In build mode, you can select an object or model to use for building your structures. Cubes can be built from the ground up, and you can manipulate it in different ways. The process takes time to learn, but it’s definitely an enjoyable task. You can give the game its name and share it with your Kogama friends. You can also invite your friends to help you out in building your game.

Once you’ve played for a while, you will most likely have enough Gold Cubes to buy items from the Marketplace. Items include entire avatars and modules that you can use for building. Most avatars cost around 275 cubes and up, so it will take a lot of time to earn this amount. When you buy an avatar, you need to go to your profile to edit and change your avatar to the new one.

You can purchase Golden Cubes with real money, but it’s not totally impossible to get cubes given that you can get it as long as you keep playing games. Kogama is not your ordinary game, and carries that retro look of early 3D games. It’s not for everyone, but it’s great for those who like classic, keyboard-controlled games. Also, if you’re interested in game creation and building things in 3D, then the building feature of this game will give you a taste of how it works.

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Collect Gold Cubes and buy avatars and building models.

Design your own game and share it with everyone.
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