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Create your own movies and cast your friends in them

Design fashionable clothes and decorate your home

Play fun mini-games, make new friends and chat with other players
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Create your own movies and cast your friends in them

Design fashionable clothes and decorate your home

Play fun mini-games, make new friends and chat with other players

Create your own movies, design your own fashionable clothes and decorate your own rooms in this amazing and fun-filled virtual world game, Movie Star Planet! With so many exciting things to do and people to meet, this is definitely one of the best browser-based virtual world games out there that is also kid-safe.

To start playing, you’ll first need to create your avatar. Although you won’t get a lot of choices to choose from at the beginning, but once you’re done, you can then earn money to buy new clothes from the shopping mall. You can also change the physical appearance of your avatar, ranging from hairstyles to eye color at the beauty clinic later on.

The game is generally consisted of 5 main zones, namely MovieTown, Games, Shopping, Pets and Chat. Despite appearing like it’s quite a small world to explore, there are plenty of sub-zones within each main zone in Movie Star Planet. In MovieTown for example, you can create new movies with your friends, save the movie and share it with the game’s community. There’s also a design studio where you can design your own clothes, submit them for voting by the general public and vote on other people’s designs. There is even an artbook where you can add stickers of various objects and your friends, as well as texts in the form of speech or thought bubbles.

Itching to get your avatar some new clothes? Well, first, you’ll need to earn some game money. The easiest way to do so is by completing tasks or playing games. Movie Star Planet has plenty of games to offer. There are fashion-based games like Dress Up and Catwalk (level 6 and above), arcade games, and general knowledge-type games like quizzes.

Personally though, the best mini-game in this game is probably Crazy Cards. The design of the mini-game is very much similar to the infamous Cards of Humanity game. Every player will have 6 cards with random words or phrases in their hands to pick from to best match the title given. The title can be something like “Most Gross” or “Most Normal”. However, naturally, being a kid-safe game, Movie Star Planet toned down on the offensive part of the card game but retained its hilarity. You’ll definitely burst out into choking laughter when you see someone submitting “the Pope” card for the title of “Most Fashionable”, beating out “Robert Pattinson” for the prize.

Fun stuff aside, it’s time to spend some of those cash you’ve earned at the mall! There are simply so many things you can buy... and definitely so many things you’ll want to own. There are furniture, décor, and a crazy ton of clothes for you to buy and use. You can also go to the beauty clinic to buy new eyes for your avatar or an entirely new facial structure.

Most items can be pretty expensive though, so be sure to play as many games as you can so you have enough money to spend. Looking to own a pet in Movie Star Planet? Well, you might want to head over to Pets zone. There are the usual zoo animals you can pick from, but if you’re looking for something more unique, you might want to choose a bonster or a boonie instead. You can also buy pet accessories for your pet if you have any cash left.

With so many goodies at hand, you can head over to your wardrobe to give those new clothes a try. For furniture and décor, you will need to go to your “room” to place them. Each player will get a home or a “room” in Movie Star Planet and each home contains 4 sub-rooms in them. Once you’re done with your room, you can even submit it as an entry in the weekly room competition.

The last zone – the Chat zone – consists of a series of locations including café, cinema where you can watch YouTube videos with friends, beach, skate park and more. Some locations have some prerequisite before you can enter, for example, to enter the pet park, you’ll first need to bring along a pet while to enter the stage star chat room, you’ll need to own and wear at least a piece of clothing from this week’s theme. There’s even a VIP club for the VIPs of the game.

VIPs in this game enjoy many perks and bonuses. They can gain access to more games to more clothes and accessories, to more coins and goodies earned... well, you get the drift. So, if you really enjoy this game, you might want to spend some real cash to get these benefits. They are very much worth the price if you play the game often.

In short, Movie Star Planet is a bustling virtual world game filled with plenty of places for you to explore, lots of games to play, movies to create, clothes to design, and many people to meet. It’s a very kid-friendly place and has a helpful community of players too. So, if you’re looking for a fun virtual world game on your browser, well, look no further – Movie Star Planet is certainly the game you seek. Try it today!

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Play fun mini-games, make new friends and chat with other players
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