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Manage a town of Sims and help them enjoy life.

Create a prosperous environment for your Sims to work and play.

Connect with other Sims and have a party!
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Manage a town of Sims and help them enjoy life.

Create a prosperous environment for your Sims to work and play.

Connect with other Sims and have a party!

From the pioneer in builder games comes the mobile version, The Sims Free Play from EA Games.
Here, you can take care of your own Sim town on the go, and help complete quests and goals for your Sims with just a few taps. Connect your game to the Cloud by logging in to Facebook to make sure your game data is saved. Build a whole new world of a Sim-inhabited town in this pleasing builder game.

To start the game, you are given your first home and first Sim inside that home. You can choose from any random Sim and customize it from there. Choose from the many customization options from skin color, outfit to hairstyle. Once done, your Sim will be placed in his home, where he is given his first task. A task is shown to you in tutorial mode, but when it’s done, you can access tasks from the bottom left corner of the screen. It will tell you if New Tasks are available or if there are Active Tasks that are being done by your Sims.

The tutorial will also teach you how to pan and zoom the camera by swiping and pinching your fingers on the screen. Your first Sim’s house will come with an unfurnished studio and the first task will be for the Sim to use the toilet. To do this, you have to place a toilet in the bathroom. Purchases for the home will be available when tapping on the toilet icon on the bottom right corner. The Home shop is divided into several categories, and you need to select the right one to find what you need. A Sim home generates Simoleons every few minutes, so be sure to claim them when the dollar icon appears on a home. Other buildings generate either XP points or Simoleons, albeit with a longer wait time.

A Sim has several needs you have to meet for them to be happy. These needs are: Social, Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, Bladder and Energy. Each is indicated with a meter on the bottom left of the screen. For every action completed by your Sim, he gains XP points that helps them level up. For a task, the Sim also gets Simoleons, which is the game’s currency that’s used to buy almost everything in the game. When you level up or complete certain Tasks, you can get Lifestyle Points, which can be used to speed up actions and tasks.

You start the game with one Sim living in an unfurnished studio, so to add furniture and appliances, your Sim needs a way to earn more Simoleons. For this, a Task guides you to open the Fire Station. You can then send your Sim to work for the fire station. Going to work will require your Sim to be there for 8 real-time hours, but you can speed up this task by using Lifestyle Points. Once done, your Sim will have enough money to buy a stove for cooking food and a dining set.

Once you have earned a great amount of Simoleons, you can add another house and another Sim.
The same Tasks are given to your second Sim, but you can always add or skip those you don’t want to do. When you have more than one Sim, you’ll get the Sim Tracker icon on the middle left edge of the screen. Here you can select a Sim and press the Whistle button to call them to you or tap the Home icon to send them home. Tap the briefcase icon to send them to work. Remember that the Sim with the green diamond icon on his head, called a Plumbob, is the active Sim that will respond to your commands.

As you level up, you will get access to items and expansions, like other jobs, recreation areas and more housing. Your Sim can meet other Sims and even get married and have a family. A Sim can also get a pet for his home!

If you want to experience this classic builder game on the go, then The Sims Free Play will be the next best thing to its console or PC versions. Considering that this game is free to play, it gives everyone access to a fantastic city building experience. Join the Sims world today and build your own town of happy and healthy Sims.

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Create a prosperous environment for your Sims to work and play.

Connect with other Sims and have a party!
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