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Make new friends and have a great time partying

Show off your dance moves on the dance floor

Explore the many beautiful locations in the game
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Make new friends and have a great time partying

Show off your dance moves on the dance floor

Explore the many beautiful locations in the game

It all started way back when game developers started making games with social content. A virtual world where you control an avatar that goes on about his or her daily life meeting people, interacting with them, possibly falling in love and end up living with a virtual partner. The games tried to simulate every possible social situation apparent in people’s everyday lives. Of course back then, yours was the only human controlled character and everyone else in the game is computer-generated.

Enter today with Twinity… a massive multiplayer romp into a virtual world where you can meet other people, visit other locations and basically have fun!

Of course this time around, most of the people you get to meet in the game are real people located all over the world... real people who you can make friends with despite the distance and the great possibility you may never meet them in real life. But as the saying goes, “friendship hath no boundaries”.

With that in mind, upon registration and logging in, we enter the world of Twinity. Starting at the lobby area, you are given an option to choose a country and select a location which you would like to visit. Locations vary from places like parks, clubs, city streets, beach resorts and yes, even your own apartment.

If it’s your first time with the game, you will have to go through a tutorial that will give you the basics on the ins and outs. You will be given tasks to complete that will allow you to meet other people and interact with them. This way, you can level up, get your very own free apartment and earn more Globals, the game’s monetary currency.

Character-wise, you begin with a default standard avatar you choose from the start - No worries, you get to change and customize your personas looks within the game. The name of your avatar will depend on the username you’ve signed up the game with, so I would strongly suggest you use a made-up name rather than your own.

In my case, I chose the standard regular guy but customized him to look as much as possible like a version of me. There’s this menu at the bottom of the screen that lets you do this, and many other things like making your avatar dance, show emotions or go and visit places within the game.

You can change your attire and shop for more clothes once you have enough cash in the game. Don’t worry about changing your old outfits for a new set – any unused items will immediately go into your inventory. When you get to have your own apartment, you can also use this shop option to purchase the furniture you’ll need to spruce up your place, like tables, chairs, a bed and other items.

Twinity is basically a point and click game. If you want to go to a store, you click on its icon and you’re teleported there. If you want to use a chair or any other object, you click on it and you use it (that is of course if you can use it) and don’t get funny ideas on clicking on that cute chick in the corner, you’ll just get her info.

As for making friends and meeting people, it may not be that easy but not that hard either. Just like in the real world, not everyone would want to talk to you. Not everyone would like to be your friend. It wouldn’t hurt though if you simply walk up to someone and introduce yourself. Most players are very friendly and are willing to chat, especially with someone who’s new to the game. All you need to do is to talk to them and you may just be able to make a friend right off the bat.

Dancing is another way to socialize in this game. In my case, this cute girl asked me to be her friend when I spotted her dancing on the floor. So, right after hitting the accept friend request button, I walked up to her and shake up the dance floor with her. We had some fun, but you should have seen my avatar though - it was hilarious. Thanking her, I bade her farewell and suggested we do it again some other time.

That said, when communicating with the people you meet in Twinity, be sure to be always polite. Some players don’t respond simply because they cannot or have difficulty speaking (or typing, to be exact) English. So remember to take that into account when you try Twinity out. If someone harasses you or is offensive (a troll), you can always report the individual so the admins can take him out.

Furthermore, Twinity also has a support website. It may not yet be fully functional as the game is still in Beta, but it’s cool. This is where you can check your account and edit your player profile... among other things. There are even micro transactions where you can pay real money to get advantages such as more Globals, a VIP status, or special access to the... ahem… more Adult areas of the game.

All in all, Twinity is really fun to play. Coming from the world of FPS shooters, I was initially a little reluctant to try it out, but honestly, this game completely surprised me. Give it a try if you haven’t yet, it may just surprise you too!

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Show off your dance moves on the dance floor

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