Games Like Club Penguin Island Most Played Games Like Club Penguin Island

Meet new people and make new friends in this child-friendly virtual world game

Explore the whole island to find treasures, and set off on exciting story-based adventures

Design your own outfits and customize your penguin to your liking
Starside Celebrity Resort - Starside Celebrity Resort Beach Match 3 Management Bring back the glory days of a resort.

Play two games in every level.

Complete tasks and watch the resort transform.
Tinker Island - Tinker Island Turn Based Survival Tropical Enjoy this awesome adventure game in which your goal is to survive a shipwreck that’s left you stranded.

Complete riddles and fight monsters as you progress through the game to keep yourself going.

Build your very own base and create tools that’ll help you survive in the harsh island.
ZooCraft - ZooCraft Animals Building Zoo Management Build the perfect zoo for your citizens in ZooCraft.

Unlock a huge variety of animals and start earning revenues.

Decorate your zoo with beautiful flowerbeds and build kiosks.
Club Cooee - Club Cooee Virtual World Home Design Fashion Music Kid Safe Party Social Avatar Turn the volume up as you mix your favourite tracks in Club Cooee.

Design your very own club scene!

Meet new friends and dance to the beat in the coolest virtual club there is.
Moana Island Life - Moana Island Life Adventure City Building Animals Exploration Create your very own magical island in this simulation game that’s sure to have you hooked.

Complete the quests assigned to you by Moana in order to get bonus rewards.

Interact with villagers to make new friends and to trade items and resources with them.
Dream City Idols 10 Dream City Idols Fashion Wedding Pet Beach Avatar Anime Competitive Home Design Home Social Fashion Competition Pursue your dreams of becoming a fashion superstar in Dream City

Participate in the Star Show and show your opponents that you mean business!

Design your own virtual home, take care of an adorable pet and manage your shop along the way
Show Time Singer and Dancer 10 Show Time Singer and Dancer Virtual World Fashion Music Avatar Anime Dancing Be the ultimate kawaii girl—or guy.

Show off your dancing and singing skills by completing quests.

Dress up, compete, and work it like a real Japanese superstar.
Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen - Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen Fashion Design Fashion Dating Fashion Competition Chase your dreams of becoming a celebrity – the ultimate beauty idol.

Use your fashion knowledge to be a jury or compete.

Win prizes, upgrade your skills, and get a boyfriend.
Smeet 4 Smeet Virtual World Home Design Fashion Party Social Avatar Enter smeet and experience a stunning world full of fun, games and a place to call your own.

Make friends and enjoy a wonderful world.

Decorate your own place to suit your taste.

Play great games and share scores with your friends.
Covet Fashion - Covet Fashion Fashion Design Fashion Interactive Experience Teens Fashion Competition Challenge your styling skills with hundreds of looks products to pick.

Compete with other stylists and win huge prizes.

Be creative and find inspiration for your next look and style.

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Most Played Games Like Club Penguin Island Most Played Games Like Club Penguin Island

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