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Play this fun filled farming game that takes place in one of the most unique settings imaginable.

Populate your farm with tons of different kinds of animals who’ll help you progress in various ways.

Help out your friends with their farms and be rewarded for it in the form of in-game currency and experience.
Family Barn 10 Family Barn Farm Management We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Family Barn here:

Enjoy this splendid farming game that goes above and beyond to provide players with an addictive experience.

Visit farms owned by your friends to help out in any way you can.

Customize your farm through the variety of decorative items available in the in-game shop.
Charm Farm 10 Charm Farm Fantasy Setting Farm Management Build your world up and make it defensible against the demons’ next attack.

Plant crops, build structures and initiate production of materials for your tasks.

Help Kaya reclaim the world from the evil creatures that threaten it.
Rising Cities 10 Rising Cities City Building Modern Setting Farm Management Develop a huge, bustling city from a small patch of land.

Build power plants, farms, diners and many other buildings to meet your residents’ needs.

Collect generous rewards for completing quests and achievements.
Royal Story 10 Royal Story Animals Fantasy Setting Pet Farm Farm all sorts of fresh produce

Build back your empire

Be the rightful heir to your kingdom
The Oregon Trail: Settler 10 The Oregon Trail: Settler City Building Farm Play this highly addictive game that blends together the best of both city building and farming genres.

Enjoy multitudes of mini-games that’ll help you progress through the game much quicker.

Visit neighboring villages to help out in whatever way you can and get rewarded for it.
Miracle City - Miracle City City Building Building Farm Build your very own city in Miracle City - plant crops, construct a variety of structures, and make your citizens happy.

Decorate your city to inspire its inhabitants, making them work harder and more efficiently.

Gain access to a large variety of adorable buildings and decorations to make your city look as unique as possible.
Farm Days 10 Farm Days Animals Building Fishing Farm Management Develop your own farm in full three-dimensional graphics.

Feed your livestock, produce commodities and grow your crops.

Be your very own farmer in this exciting farm simulation game.
Mega Farm - Mega Farm City Building Farm Immerse yourself in this captivating farming game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Progress through the game to unlock new land that you can use to grow your farm even further.

Harvest your crops and sell them for profit that you can use to develop your farm.
Island Story - Island Story Farm Help your Gramps turn his tropical island into a beautiful farm

Cook up a variety of delicious dishes using the ingredients harvested

Sell off the goods you create and rake in the profits
Train Sim 8 Train Sim Trains Immerse yourself in this highly realistic train simulator game.

Choose from multitudes of true to life trains that are sure to provide an incredible experience.

Explore the world and enjoy multitudes of breathtaking environments alongside your journey.

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Most Played Games Like Klondike Most Played Games Like Klondike

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