Games Like The Big Farm Theory

Get hooked on this top tier farming game that’s sure to impress.

Build up an enormous farm of your own and decorate it according to your liking.

Visit friends to help them out with their farms whenever you have the time.
WeFarm - WeFarm Farm Play this enjoyable and immersive farming game that’ll have you hooked to your phone for hours upon hours.

Plant many crops of various different kinds as you progress through the game and build up your farm.

Complete orders on the order board in order to earn experience and currency that’ll help you build up your farm.
Harveston - Harveston Farm Play this truly captivating farming game that will provide you a thoroughly entertaining experience in the comfort of your phone.

Progress through the game to unlock new crops and structures that’ll help you make product from your harvests.

Enjoy the creative GPS based elements that’ll enable you to collect goods for your farm as you move around in the real world.
Munchie Farm - Munchie Farm Farm Grow, water and harvest a wide variety of munchie from, your munchie plants

Sell off your munchie yields via the job board or the Munchie Mart

Develop and expand your munchie farm to unlock new exciting features
Mega Farm - Mega Farm City Building Farm Immerse yourself in this captivating farming game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Progress through the game to unlock new land that you can use to grow your farm even further.

Harvest your crops and sell them for profit that you can use to develop your farm.
Family Farm Seaside - Family Farm Seaside Farm Management Enjoy all the staples of a farming game on your mobile devices.

Get to work on neighbor farms to earn extra experience points and credits.

Never grow tired of repetitive tasks with so many quests and achievements to fill you up with progress.
Country Friends - Country Friends Animals Farm Play this excellent farming game that can keep anyone for hours upon hours whenever they start it.

Start off small and eventually turn your farm into the very best one across the whole country.

Enjoy the beautiful visuals and the vibrant colors as you go through this excellent game.
Lucky Fields - Lucky Fields Animals Farm Grow and harvest a wide variety of crops, and raise various farm animals

Manufacture a myriad of goods and sell your goods for a profit

Decorate your farm, unlock new land and build the best farm you can
Farmer Sim 2015 - Farmer Sim 2015 Modern Setting Farm Be the best farmer in this open world farming simulator

Get to use realistic vehicles and farming machines

Buy new lands and purchase animals
Happy Café - Happy Café Restaurant/ Cafe Farm Run your very own café in this fun filled simulation game that does not disappoint.

Grow fresh ingredients and utilize them to make incredible food products in your café.

Decorate your cafeteria to make it more appealing for your customers.
Smurfs' Village - Smurfs' Village Mini Games Exploration Farm Help the Smurfs build up a home for themselves in this exciting game that doesn’t disappoint.

Progress through the game to unlock new content that you’ll be able to use to build the forest village even further.

Enjoy various mini-games that add a refreshing change of pace to the overall experience.

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