Time Management Games List

Games where you have to complete a certain number of tasks within a given time frame. My Hospital - My Hospital Time Management Hospital Cure diseases and manage your own hospital.

Develop strategies to maximize available resources.

Build relationships among characters.
Shop Heroes 10 Shop Heroes Time Management Shop Design Management Craft weapons and sell them to heroes that approach.

Send heroes on quests to receive special materials for crafting.

Grow and upgrade shop to improve production.
My Cafe: Recipes & Stories - My Cafe: Recipes & Stories Restaurant/ Cafe Time Management Shop Design Build one of the most successful cafés that the world has ever seen in this highly addictive game.

Expand your menu in order to attract customers from all across the city.

Converse with your customers to make their experience with your café a memorable one.
Pretty Pet Salon 10 Pretty Pet Salon Animals Kid Safe Pet Time Management Shop Design Keep customers happy by taking care of their pets.

Hire salon helpers to get the job done faster and receive rewards.

Upgrade your serving skills and keep customers happy.
Pet Island - Pet Island Animals Zoo Time Management Management Build your own pet shop from scratch and raise cute animals to sell them to your customers.

Decorate your pet shop and build entertainment rooms to keep your pets happy.

Expand your hotel to accommodate a huge variety of pets available in Pet Island.
Bakery Story 2 10 Bakery Story 2 Restaurant/ Cafe Time Management Run your very own bakery in this highly addictive game that won’t disappoint.

Progress through the game to unlock shops that’ll help you make more products.

Enjoy the delightful visuals of the game while you make amazing treats for your customers.
Wonder Zoo - Wonder Zoo Animals Zoo Time Management Dinosaurs Management Rescue injured animals in the wild and give them a safe home to live in.

Manage your very own zoo by bringing in a huge variety of animals.

Decorate your zoo with kiosks and cafes and earn revenue from your customers.
Penguin Diner - Penguin Diner Restaurant/ Cafe Time Management Shop Design Help Penny the Penguin find her way back home.

Complete three main stages and sublevels by earning the target amount of the day.

Upgrade Penny and the restaurant to earn more tips and money quickly.
Survivors: The Quest - Survivors: The Quest Survival Time Management Modern Setting Management Stranded on a deserted island, survive with the natural resources around you in Survivors: The Quest.

Unfold the hidden mysteries the deserted island holds by completing quests.

See to the basic needs of your survivors and develop a team chemistry to work better.
Burger Shop 10 Burger Shop Virtual World Kid Safe Restaurant/ Cafe Time Management Management Run your own burger joint and serve your customers the most delicious meals in Burger Shop.

Start from a little café and keep earning money to open your own restaurant.

Serve the customers in a jiffy with cool power ups and get high scores.

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