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Games where you get to design and build your own city and complete fun quests to get materials and items that you need. Klondike 10 Klondike City Building Farm Play this fun filled farming game that takes place in one of the most unique settings imaginable.

Populate your farm with tons of different kinds of animals who’ll help you progress in various ways.

Help out your friends with their farms and be rewarded for it in the form of in-game currency and experience.
Elvenar 10 Elvenar War Empire Building City Building Fantasy Setting Guilds Explore a gorgeous world as you build up a huge city for either the Humans or the Elves.

Choose to negotiate or fight your way around the countryside as you expand your borders and seek to create your own kingdom.

Enjoy stunning graphics and fun gameplay in a brilliant browser game.
The Oregon Trail: Settler 10 The Oregon Trail: Settler City Building Farm Play this highly addictive game that blends together the best of both city building and farming genres.

Enjoy multitudes of mini-games that’ll help you progress through the game much quicker.

Visit neighboring villages to help out in whatever way you can and get rewarded for it.
The Sims Free Play 10 The Sims Free Play Baby Home City Building Avatar Family Manage a town of Sims and help them enjoy life.

Create a prosperous environment for your Sims to work and play.

Connect with other Sims and have a party!
Rising Cities 10 Rising Cities City Building Modern Setting Farm Management Develop a huge, bustling city from a small patch of land.

Build power plants, farms, diners and many other buildings to meet your residents’ needs.

Collect generous rewards for completing quests and achievements.
Township 10 Township City Building Modern Setting Farm Management Plant and grow a variety of crops and manufacture goods via your factory

Build your own town from scratch and decorate it with greenery

Invite your friends to help you develop your city into a thriving metropolis
City Island 4 - City Island 4 City Building Management Play this awesome city builder game that’ll have you hooked from the minute you get into it.

Complete lots of fun challenges that’ll help you get your hands on extra in-game currency.

Build beautiful and flourishing cities on many different kinds of islands.
City Island 3 10 City Island 3 City Building Management Play this excellent city builder game that’ll deliver hours upon hours of enjoyment.

Assist the people of your city by completing whatever quests they assign to you.

Utilize the in-game currency to speed up the constructions processes as quickly as possible.
Bongiland 10 Bongiland Adventure City Building Building Fantasy Setting Travel back to the time of the cavemen and build your own hometown from scratch.

Use the ancient ways to build shelters and explore the lands in search of useful items.

Complete quests and gain cool rewards to help your people survive.
Dream City: Metropolis - Dream City: Metropolis City Building Modern Setting Play this exciting time management game in which you’ll get to build the city of your dreams.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful game world with vibrant 3D graphics.

Unlock new neighborhoods by growing your city further and further.

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Most Played City Building Games Most Played City Building Games

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