Magic Games List

Games that allows players to wield magic in the game and that magic constitute a main part of the gameplay. Wizard101 10 Wizard101 Magic Fantasy Setting Become known one of the most powerful wizards across the land by demonstrating your skills to the world.

Join the Ravenwood Academy to master the art of magic and learn many powerful abilities.

Play lots of fun mini-games and make new friends as you make your way through the game.
Disney Descendants 10 Disney Descendants Fashion Kid Safe Avatar Magic Teens Tweens Meet Mal, Evie and the rest of the Villain Kids.

Go on magical adventures and help your new friends.

Dress up for parties, decorate your dorm and conquer Auradon Prep!
Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders 9 Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders Virtual World Magic Fantasy Setting Collect stars to level up and help the inhabitants

Improve the objects from each glade

Unlock and complete all the quests
Wonder Way Tales 9.8 Wonder Way Tales Adventure Virtual World Magic Dragons Fantasy Setting Dive into an amazing adventure in this exciting magical virtual world simulator.

Deliver parcels and unlock more of the story for your pleasure.

Decorate the Lilobus while solving chapter after chapter of mystery and adventure.
Sunken Secrets - Sunken Secrets Magic Farm Enjoy this unique and highly addictive farming game that’ll have you hooked.

Start from a simple patch of land and eventually transform it into one of the most magical and prosperous farms out there.

Do your part in stopping the curse of the Sea Witch from spreading any further.
LINE Play: Your Avatar World 10 LINE Play: Your Avatar World Virtual World Fashion Mini Games Pet Avatar Anime Magic Home Fishing Enjoy wonderful Line characters in a vibrant virtual world.

Create, style and jazz up your avatar while making new friends.

Go fishing or play exciting games to earn Gems and other rewards.
Farmdale - Farmdale Magic Animals Farm Enjoy this immersive farm game that'll give you the opportunity to make a massive farm of your own.

Expand your farm to explore the mysterious world and uncover all the secrets it holds.

Complete quests whenever you get the chance to gain a massive amount of currency and experience.
Tiny Farm - Tiny Farm Magic Social Farm Build your very own farm in this innovative game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Socialize with players from around the world through the variety of available social features.

Expand your farm as you progress through the game to get more room for your crops and structure.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Magic Fantasy Setting Live out the life of an actual wizard or witch in this phenomenal game that definitely lives up to the franchise’s high reputation.

Attend classes and learn powerful spells as you progress through the game.

Uncover the secrets at Hogwarts and learn about the School’s past.
Fantasy Forest Story - Fantasy Forest Story Magic Pet Breeding Fantasy Setting Pet Pet Battle Hatch magical creatures from eggs and help them grow and evolve.

Expand your village and breed new animals.

Battle it out in the arena and unlock the secrets to breeding legendary animals.

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