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Jogos de simulação permitem-te criar e construir cidades inteiras, aeroportos e muito mais. Aproveita a experiencia de poderes controlar veículos interessantes e lugares fascinantes. Star Stable 10 Star Stable Seguro para crianças Corridas de cavalos Competitive Aventura Montar de Cavalos Horse Learn to ride like a pro and win races.

Level up to get new outfits and improve your horse’s skills.

Protect Moorland Stables from a greedy corporation.
Klondike 10 Klondike City Building Quinta Play this fun filled farming game that takes place in one of the most unique settings imaginable.

Populate your farm with tons of different kinds of animals who’ll help you progress in various ways.

Help out your friends with their farms and be rewarded for it in the form of in-game currency and experience.
Golden Acres - Golden Acres Animals Quinta Play this delightful farming game that doesn't cease to impress.

Build your own delightful farm by utilizing the multitudes of resources available.

Visit your friends to help them out with their farms in various different ways.
Real Estate Empire Tycoon - Real Estate Empire Tycoon Construção Play Real Estate Empire Tycoon and grow your real estate and housing empire!

Earn enough cash by purchasing houses before their value goes up and selling them once it goes down.

Be sure to watch for fluctuating prices and be immersed in all three modes of this clicking game.
Second Life 6.2 Second Life Mundo Virtual Música Festa Praia Avatar Social Dating Customize your avatar to create a unique identity.

Meet new friends, go on quests and explore fascinating locations.

Go fishing, get a job or play games to earn some dollars.
Royal Story 10 Royal Story Animals Fantasy Setting Animais de estimação Quinta Farm all sorts of fresh produce

Build back your empire

Be the rightful heir to your kingdom
Webkinz 10 Webkinz Dogs Mini Games Animals Seguro para crianças Animais de estimação Educacional Adopt your very own pet and give him a home.

Buy toys, clothes, food and more fun stuff from the W-Shop.

Play games, visit parks and go on many adventures with your pet.
Disney Descendants 10 Disney Descendants Moda Seguro para crianças Avatar Magic Adolescentes Tweens Meet Mal, Evie and the rest of the Villain Kids.

Go on magical adventures and help your new friends.

Dress up for parties, decorate your dorm and conquer Auradon Prep!
The Oregon Trail: Settler 10 The Oregon Trail: Settler City Building Quinta Play this highly addictive game that blends together the best of both city building and farming genres.

Enjoy multitudes of mini-games that’ll help you progress through the game much quicker.

Visit neighboring villages to help out in whatever way you can and get rewarded for it.
Sky Dale - Sky Dale Aventura Survival Fantasy Setting Quinta We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Sky Dale here:

Go on an exciting adventure on a mysterious island in the sky

Gather resources, craft tools and build structures to survive

Discover the island’s many secrets and make a life for yourself there

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Most Played Simulação Games Most Played Simulação Games

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